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Engel & Völkers April 26 -28
EVX 2021 starts in 13 days | 5 hours | 16 minutes

Alex Banayan
Best-Selling Author

After spending years researching and interviewing the most successful people on earth, Alex shares lessons learned to achieve goals and accelerate growth.

The people. The experience. The connections. 

The conversations. The dancing. That feeling. 


These are the things we miss most about our in-person event, but the show must go on in virtual form as we move FORWARD and take on 2021. 


For the first time, we are thrilled to open our virtual doors to real estate professionals outside of the Engel & Völkers network to join us for our annual marquee event. With a focus on the future, EVX features a blend of content from Engel & Völkers advisors, license partners, and leadership around the globe, along with keynote speakers and friends sharing provocative insights and tangible takeaways that are applicable to us both personally and professionally. Explore the EVX experience and join us here for our three-day event beginning April 26. 


MondayApril 26


Anthony Hitt, president & CEO of Engel & Völkers Americas, commences EVX with a preview of what's to come and advice for refining your focus in a post-COVID world.

Anthony Hitt

6:05 PM

The Next Normal

Hear from one of the most plugged-in real estate influencers, Brad Inman, as he and Anthony Hitt discuss what real estate professionals must focus on in 2021 and noise to simply ignore.

Brad Inman

6:15 PM

Together We Rise

The founder of Inclusion Nation shows us how to build a community centered on empathy, respect, and a full recognition of bias. She will challenge each of us to adopt five actions to build inclusion and ensure that those who enter our spheres know they belong.

Michelle Silverthorn

6:25 PM

Panel: Tipping Point

Private Office Advisors Dawn Maddux of E&V Western Frontier, Beau Blankenship of E&V 30A Beaches, and Christina Nishiyama of E&V Honolulu discuss their paths to becoming leading real estate professionals, the steps that got them there, and what differentiates them.

with Ann Renée Miciak 

6:45 PM

TuesdayApril 27

Engel & Völkers
Our Americas Story

As the only global real estate brand to successfully expand throughout the Americas from European beginnings, Christian Völkers shares the story of how it happened.

Christian Völkers

6:00 PM

Panel: Generating Listings in a Low Inventory Market

Creative tactics and strategies to encourage homeowners to make moves. Featuring Grace Clayton of E&V Nashville, Leo Wilk of E&V Vancouver, and Charli Bullard of E&V Oklahoma City.

with Adam Lerman 

6:05 PM

Consumer Lens: The COVID Effect

The personal stories of consumers who bought and sold homes during the pandemic that will have lasting impact on customer service.

with Ann Renée Miciak

6:25 PM

Life on the Water

Get an exclusive look into the finest in yachting services, and discover how Engel & Völkers Yachting can be part of your brand story with Walter Johnson and Leeann Iacino of E&V Newport Harbor.

Engel & Völkers Yachting

6:50 PM

WednesdayApril 28

Around the World in 2021

E&V leaders from around the world discuss their 2021 market forecasts. Featuring insights from David Scheffler, Kai Enders, Paloma Pérez Bravo, Vanessa Fukunaga, Mohab Samak, Patrice Groleau and Debby Doktorczyk.

Global Leaders

6:00 PM

Going Global

Leveraging the world to grow your business via feeder markets and referrals with Ken Dara of E&V San Francisco.

Ken Dara

6:20 PM

GG Magazine: Your Global Guide

A behind-the-scenes look into the stunning world of GG magazine, Engel & Völkers' exclusive luxury lifestyle publication, with Editor-in-Chief, Michaela Cordes.

Michaela Cordes

6:27 PM

What Makes for a Luxury Brand?

What are the attributes that deem a product, service, or brand as "luxury"? James Aguiar, Creative Director of Modern Luxury Media, breaks down the meaning of it all.

James Aguiar

6:40 PM

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